BAMS Admission in Shahjahanpur 

BAMS Admission in Shahjahanpur Best Ayurvedic Medical College: In the quest for embarking on the Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) journey in Shahjahanpur for the academic year 2024-2025, navigating the labyrinth of admissions demands adherence to a well-trodden path. The orchestration typically involves aligning with the grand overture of the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) and waltzing through the state-level counseling, orchestrated by the stalwarts of the Uttar Pradesh government or their designated custodians.

Now, let’s decipher the sonnet of steps that await aspiring healers:


  • Academic Qualification: Pass 12th grade examinations with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (PCB) subjects from a recognized board with:
    • General Category: Minimum 50% aggregate marks in PCB
    • Reserved Category (SC/ST/OBC): Minimum 40% aggregate marks in PCB
  • Entrance Exam: Qualifying NEET UG score is mandatory for most BAMS colleges in UP. The exam is usually conducted in May and registration typically starts in March.
  • Age: Must be at least 17 years old on or before December 31st, 2024.

Admission Process:

  1. NEET UG Exam: Register and take the NEET UG exam as per the schedule.
  2. Counseling: Participate in the state-level counseling conducted by Uttar Pradesh authorities, usually through UPSEE (Uttar Pradesh State Entrance Examination). This involves registering, filling your choices of BAMS colleges in Shahjahanpur or elsewhere in UP, and attending counseling rounds based on your NEET rank and chosen preferences.
  3. Document Verification: If allotted a seat, report to the designated college for document verification and fee payment to confirm your admission.

Colleges offering BAMS in Shahjahanpur:

1. NEET UG Symphony: Step onto the grand stage and perform in the NEET UG spectacle, an annual marvel typically staged in May. Your standing ovation comes in the form of a stellar NEET score, your ticket to the BAMS world.

2. NEET UG Counseling Waltz: Post the grand performance, immerse yourself in the counseling waltz. Uttar Pradesh hosts a state-level gala for medical admissions, BAMS included.

3. Choice Flourish: Amidst the counseling dance, showcase your preferences by filling in the choices of BAMS colleges in Shahjahanpur or other corners of Uttar Pradesh that beckon your scholarly inclinations.

4. Seat Allotment Serenade: The crescendo builds as your NEET rank, choices, and the musical chairs of seat availability converge to orchestrate your grand seat allotment in a Shahjahanpur BAMS institution or elsewhere in the state.

5. Fee Payment Cadence: The climax arrives with the payment of the prescribed admission fee, a harmonious act to secure your seat in the grand auditorium of Ayurvedic academia.

6. Reporting to College Crescendo: As the curtain descends, report to the allocated BAMS college in Shahjahanpur within the designated timeframe. Here, the final chords of admission resonate, marking the commencement of your academic symphony.

A word of caution, my fellow seekers of knowledge: the score may change, the steps may vary, and the exact choreography will be unveiled by the Uttar Pradesh State government or their appointed custodians. Stay attuned to the evolving sonata of BAMS admissions in Shahjahanpur for 2024-25.

BAMS Admission in Shahjahanpur : For those eager to commence this melodic journey, the helpline echoes: Call – 09140349449 or 09389097888. The overture awaits your curiosity.

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