Punjab Institute of Ayurveda (PIA Abohar)

Welcome to the Punjab Institute of Ayurveda (PIA Abohar) – the pinnacle of Ayurvedic excellence in Punjab.

In the vast landscape of medical sciences, where brilliant minds toil to enhance our understanding of the human body and advance healthcare, Ayurveda stands as a formidable form of alternative medicine. Renowned globally for its efficacy, Ayurveda has been a beacon of healing for countless individuals grappling with health issues.

At PIA Abohar, our mission is clear – to impart advanced and specialized knowledge to our students. We are unwavering in our commitment to awaken the minds of aspiring medical students, providing them with the support needed to evolve into outstanding, passionate, and skilled Ayurvedic doctors who can usher in positive changes in the world.

Our faculty, a dynamic and dedicated team, is driven by a passion for imparting knowledge. We start with fundamental concepts, ensuring that students comprehend our teachings easily. Our goal is to make complex subjects accessible, methodical, and interesting. We strive to not only transmit advanced knowledge but also instill a curiosity that fuels students’ thirst for more information, guiding them toward clinical research and eventual success in their career objectives.

The inauguration of our new building by S. Beant Singh, the then Chief Minister of Punjab, on March 7, 1993, marked a new chapter in our journey. Today, the college thrives on the latest green building technology, boasting an in-door Ayurvedic Hospital equipped with cutting-edge medical facilities.

Under the patronage of philanthropist Sh. Labh Singh Ahluwalia, our Chairman, the institution is steered by an efficient, hardworking, and dedicated Management Committee. PIA Abohar has earned the distinction of being the best college of Ayurveda in India. Our commitment to quality education, practical training, and clinical exposure has propelled our students to top positions and distinctions in university examinations.

Our well-equipped labs feature state-of-the-art medical instruments, guided by an experienced teaching staff with a rich clinical background. To enhance clinical training, we regularly host seminars with distinguished Ayurvedic professionals and organize medical camps in nearby areas. Extracurricular activities, including sports and cultural programs, encourage students to think outside the box and shape their holistic personalities.

For all admission inquiries about BAMS in Punjab Institute of Ayurveda (PIA Abohar), contact our medical admission consultants at the following numbers: 9140349449, 9389097888. The stage is set; the spotlight awaits your curiosity. Step into the world of Ayurvedic excellence at PIA Abohar, where education transforms into a journey of knowledge, skill, and healing.

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