MBBS Admission in Nobel Medical College Nepal 2024-25

If you’re passionate about medicine and seeking a world-class medical education without breaking the bank, Nobel Medical College (NMC) in Nepal is an excellent choice. NMC’s MBBS program is designed to develop skilled and compassionate doctors ready to take on the healthcare challenges of tomorrow.

What Makes NMC Stand Out?

  • Clinical Focus: NMC places strong emphasis on practical training. Students gain extensive clinical experience at its affiliated teaching hospital, ensuring they graduate with the confidence to handle real-world medical scenarios.
  • NMC’s Global Network: The college fosters connections with medical institutions internationally, opening doors for potential research collaborations and exchange programs for students.
  • Student Support: NMC provides dedicated student support services, from academic advising to counseling, creating a nurturing learning environment.
  • Beyond Medicine: The college encourages holistic development through sports facilities, clubs, and cultural events, helping you become a well-rounded physician.

Eligibility: The Key Requirements

  • Academic Background: You’ll need to have completed your 10+2 (or equivalent) with strong grades in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English. A minimum of a 50% aggregate score is typically required (or 40% for reserved categories).
  • NEET Qualification: For Indian students, it’s mandatory to have qualified in the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET). Aim for a high score to increase your chances of admission.
  • Other Countries: Students from countries other than India should check with NMC to understand their country-specific admission requirements.

The Admission Journey

  1. Online Application: Start by filling out the application form available on the official Nobel Medical College website. You can also apply through authorized representatives.
  2. Entrance Test: Depending on your nationality, you might need to sit for an entrance test administered by NMC or other recognized bodies.
  3. Document Submission: Meticulously prepare the required documents, including:
    • Academic transcripts (10th and 12th grade)
    • Proof of NEET qualification (Indian students)
    • Valid passport and recent photographs
    • Birth certificate
    • Medical fitness certificate (including HIV test results)
  4. Counseling & Admission: Upon successful review of your application and documents, you’ll be invited for counseling. Seat allocation is mostly based on merit, considering your academic scores and entrance exam performance.
  5. Fee Payment & Visa Processes: Secure your seat by completing the fee payment procedures. Initiate the visa application process through the Nepalese Embassy in your country.

Important Dates to Remember (Tentative)

  • Application Opens: May 2024
  • Entrance Exam (if applicable): June/July 2024
  • Counseling & Admission: July/August 2024
  • Classes Begin: September 2024

Financial Considerations

The MBBS program at NMC is known for its affordability. However, it’s wise to factor in the following costs:

  • Tuition fees
  • Accommodation
  • Living expenses
  • Travel and visa costs

NMC may offer scholarships or financial aid options—inquire with the admissions office for details.

Insider Tips for Success

  • Strong NEET Prep: Indian students, your NEET score plays a significant role in admission, so dedicate ample time and effort to your studies.
  • Document Accuracy: Double-check your documents for errors and ensure all necessary translations and notarizations are in order.
  • Embrace the Culture: Start learning about Nepalese culture and customs to help you transition smoothly to life in Nepal.


The admission process is updated regularly. Always refer to the Nobel Medical College website (https://www.nobelmedicalcollege.com.np/) for the most accurate, up-to-date guidelines.

I believe in your potential to become an outstanding doctor. Best of luck with your MBBS application to Nobel Medical College!

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